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Unlocking global data

interoperability with

patented AI technology

Unlocking global data interoperability with patented AI technology

Parso humanizes global data, allowing developers and builders to unlock entirely new insignts.

The Future of Data Interoperability

Empower Your Data Strategy: Unlock, Connect, and Scale with Parso
Unlock Hidden Data Potential
Discover the untapped value of data that was once inaccessible with Parso's advanced Elastic Knowledge Graph (EKG)™️ technology.
Seamless Data Interoperability
Connect disparate data sources and formats effortlessly, creating a unified and accessible data ecosystem.
Scalable and Future-Proof
Adapt and scale with ease as your data needs grow, thanks to Parso's flexible and agile LogicPatterns and EKG™️ architecture.

Revolutionize Productivity with Data Connectivity

Learn how Parso changes the game for data holders and creators, elevating productivity through cutting-edge data interoperability.

Parso marketplace empowers

Powering the Data Revolution

Contribute your valuable data to the Parso Marketplace and enable a new wave of innovation. Watch as your data sparks transformative applications, driving industrial productivity and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Become a catalyst for change and harness the potential of your data assets.

Building Bridges to the Future

Utilize Parso's cutting-edge technology to create connectors that unlock data access for creators. Craft LogicPatterns that bridge the gap between data streams and applications, driving forward the data revolution. Be rewarded for your expertise, and play a key role in reshaping the world of data-driven innovation.

Empowered by Data Access

Delve into Parso Marketplace and effortlessly integrate LogicPatterns into your applications, accessing the power of previously hidden data. Elevate your solutions, revolutionize the industrial landscape, and ignite innovation by connecting to a diverse array of data sources.

Build with Parso

Tap into a world of endless possibilities and build groundbreaking applications that transform industries. With Parso, the only limit is your imagination. Explore just a few of the incredible solutions you can create using our platform.

Shaping the Future of Data, Step by Step

Explore Parso's focused plan to transform data accessibility and interoperability, as we unveil key milestones and innovative solutions designed to reshape industries and create lasting impact.
First Digital Twin created
Core Technology SEKAI R&D (Digital Twins & EKG)
Patent submission
First Clients (OEM & Transport)
Patent granted
Growth in Europe (B2B SaaS)
First deal in US market (B2B SaaS)
Ideation Parso Protocol
Global expansion (B2B SaaS)
Core Technology Parso R&D (AI & Web3)
Protocol seed raise
Parso World Sandbox (Creator Economy)
New patent submission for AI component
Parso World and prod. SDK Release
Parso AI

Powered by SEKAI

Parso's exceptional team and cutting-edge technology are fueled by the experience and knowledge of SEKAI, a renowned company serving Fortune 500 clients like Siemens Energy, Hitachi, and Shemaroo. SEKAI has developed and deployed the core building blocks that power Parso and holds patents for many distinctive features that make Parso a true innovation in the field.

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Meet the Visionaries:
Pioneering the Data Frontier

Discover the experienced and passionate minds driving Parso's groundbreaking mission, as they unite their diverse expertise to revolutionize data access and empower industries worldwide.
Bruno Kocher
Business & Technology
Bruno Kocher
Business & Technology
Bruno Kocher brings over 25 years of experience in people management and 15 years in software and data-driven innovation, product development, and product management. As the CEO of Parso and co-founder of SEKAI Digital Twins, his expertise in digital twins, industrial metaverse, and customer-facing roles in Fortune 500 companies, including serving as CDO/CTO at Hitachi, drive the company's mission to revolutionize data interoperability and the industrial world.
Jeffrey Wrensen
Researcher & "The Voice" of Parso
Jeffrey Wrensen
Researcher & "The Voice" of Parso
Teacher of Computer Science with a focus on Blockchain 2019-2022
Cryptocurrency user since 2018
David Collett Ed.D
Strategy & Web3
David Collett Ed.D
Strategy & Web3
David Collett is the Chief Strategy Officer and Community Development Lead at Parso, with 17 years of experience in digital learning and transformation. A blockchain enthusiast since 2017, he frequently speaks on digital learning, futurism, and blockchain. David's organizational leadership and company transformation expertise make him instrumental in shaping Parso's strategic direction and community growth.
Yuchen Yang
EKG/AI Research
Yuchen Yang
EKG/AI Research
Yuchen Yang, Parso's Head of R&D for Elastic Knowledge Graph (EKG) and AI Research, brings his expertise in digital transformation and AI commercialization for enterprise. With over 7 years of AI experience, Yuchen has played a significant role at Eigen Technologies as a founding product manager and Xinhuzhiyun, an Alibaba and Xinhua News agency joint venture, as head of product and strategy.
Qasim Naeem
Creative & Product
Qasim Naeem
Creative & Product
Qasim Naeem has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of digital twins and big data analytics. As a creative director and thought leader in user-centered data experiences, he has demonstrated exceptional skills in developing innovative strategies for leading data-driven organizations. With an impressive record of leading international teams and deploying large-scale data platforms, Qasim contributes his expertise to drive growth and success at Parso.
Patrick Ramsauer
Finance & Operations
Patrick Ramsauer
Finance & Operations
Patrick Ramsauer has over 20 years of experience in finance and business development for AI, data analytics and digital twins. As a co-founder of several successful tech startups, he has displayed exceptional expertise in knowledge graph and ontology technologies. With his extensive Elastic Knowledge Graph (EKG) implementation background, Patrick drives business relations in industrial applications at Parso.
Ankita Mehta
Managing Director
Ankita Mehta
Managing Director
Ankita has been at OYO since it was founded in 2012 and has progressed to COO of its European Division. Her knowledge of how to scale a B2B2C business from inception to unicorn is game changing for our team and she will be leading client onboarding and integration with the tech development team
Davinder Singh
Chief Ontologist
Davinder Singh
Chief Ontologist
Davinder Singh, an expert in digital twins and knowledge graphs, boasts 6 years of experience in ontologies and 3 years in digital twins. As a former member of the Google Knowledge Graph Team, he contributed to the development of schema for numerous domains, enhancing Google Search products. With his unique expertise, Davinder adds immense value to the Parso team as they revolutionize data interoperability.


Phillip Shoemaker
CEO/Executive Director of
Theo Agranat
Amit Joshi
John Park
Reina Govindarajan
Marketing & Partnerships
William Eden
Izzat-Begum B. Rajan
Legal Advisor


Token economy


Fundraise targets
18% Equity [SAFE] + 18% as Token Warrant for
Total token supply
9,000,000,000 PAR
Initial circulating supply
1,269,000,000 PAR
Token Reserves

Use of funds

Full Tokenomics
Marketing & Data Acquisition
Product & Technology
Exchange Listing
Operation & Legal

Token utility

The Parso protocol has several functional layers, including patented technology, and does not enforce the usage of its PAR token. Instead, the protocol incentivizes users with the benefits of participating in a demand-based ecosystem.
Payment functionality (discount on costs, staking for discounts, distribution of rewards, protocol treasury and incentive programs for public contributors).
AI usage (prioritize jobs and execute complex tasks e.g. build/connect LogicPatterns).
Creation of immutable ownership over LogicPatterns and Content Models
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PAR token
Private data flow
Data flow


What is Parso, and how does it work?

Parso is a groundbreaking data interoperability technology that leverages SEKAI's patented EKG™ to unlock inaccessible data capital and enable seamless data exchange between various systems. By constructing operational ontologies using Machine Learning classifiers, Parso bridges data silos, facilitating efficient data analysis and decision-making processes.

What industries and sectors can benefit from Parso's technology?

Parso's technology can benefit many industries and sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, finance, retail, and more. Any industry that generates large volumes of data and relies on data-driven decision-making can leverage Parso's capabilities to improve data interoperability and boost productivity.

How does Parso's technology help overcome the productivity plateau in various industries?

Parso's technology helps overcome the productivity plateau by harnessing unused resources, such as inaccessible data, and transforming them into valuable assets. By breaking down data silos and enabling seamless data exchange, Parso allows businesses to extract valuable insights, leading to more efficient processes, better decision-making, and increased productivity across various industries.

What role does SEKAI's patented technology play in Parso's interoperability?

SEKAI's patented technology (Patent WO2022144326A1) outlines a method and process that uses ontologies and fragments of ontologies to build operational ontologies with the help of Machine Learning classifiers in some embodiments. These operational ontologies are stored in a graph database and are exposed as digital twins called the EKG™. This patented technology forms the core process and method for Parso, enabling it to build a scalable, distributed, and decentralized data interoperability protocol while extending the capabilities of existing Machine Learning classifiers.