Parso's First Hackathon in Partnership with “Sustainable Trade and Consulting”

July 10, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our first hackathon, a collaborative initiative with "Sustainable Trade and Consulting" (STC), which will introduce over 200 developers to the innovative Parso protocol and provide an opportunity for the winners to be employed on a groundbreaking real-world project. By participating in this transformative event, developers stand a chance to catapult their careers in a promising new direction.

STC, a company leading the charge in sustainable practices, provides an intriguing commercial use case for our hackathon - tracking logistics data for palm oil waste. The significance of this use case is paramount, not just for its potential to enhance sustainability within the biofuels industry but also due to the stringent EU regulatory requirements governing the logistics chain.

The applications anticipated to emerge from the hackathon will offer innovative solutions, ensuring compliance with these regulations and promoting sustainable practices whilst simultaneously increasing productivity in the system.

The strength of this alliance is STC’s partnerships with the University of Lampung and the University of Riau where our hackathons will be held to bring this project to developers. Developers participating in the hackathon may find remarkable opportunities awaiting them, including employment offers from STC or the possibility of having their models purchased or subscribed to. These are indicative of the real-world impact and transformative possibilities that the Parso protocol is capable of unleashing.

The STC's Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) extraction machine is worth mentioning in this context. This technology is a cost-effective alternative to traditional methane capture systems and co-composting solutions. It offers significant economic advantages, with capital expenditures of less than 20% of methane capture and operational costs comparably lower. 

With a projected payback period of 1.2-1.6 years, it offers robust financial incentives to palm oil companies. The estimated increase in biofuel sales revenue is projected between $1.125 - $1.950 million, and potential carbon credits range from $180,000 - $320,000.

Our hackathon promises to be pivotal in onboarding developers to our platform, providing them with practical exposure to our tools, and presenting an immersive learning experience. Furthermore, the hackathon is geared to catalyze sustainable community development centered around real-world use cases driven by our incentivization framework.

Thomas Fricke, CEO of Sustainability Trade & Consulting, has shared his perspective on applying SEKAI Open Knowledge Graph Technology and Parso's creator application. He stated,

"The costs of creating the data flow are drastically reduced, and this allows team members to take control and ownership of the application rather than outsourcing data engineering firms. Additionally, this allows participation of universities and other stakeholders who can access the digital twin, visualize the operation and the ESG metrics that are tracked, and critically, contribute additional features themselves."

Looking forward, we are excited about the wide array of potential outcomes from this hackathon and its role in propelling Parso's expansion. The strategic blueprint crafted for this launch will serve as a model for future projects, heralding an exciting new era of real world job creation in the data interoperability and AI technology sectors.

Armed with the Parso protocol and a vibrant developer community, we are geared to tackle real-world problems head-on.

Parso: Pioneering a web3 creator economy and transforming the world through data!

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