Parso's Progress Update: Key Milestones and Partnerships - July 2023

July 12, 2023

We're thrilled to update you on the progress we've made at Parso in the recent months. It has been a truly productive period as we continue to push forward in developing our go-to-market strategy.

Here are the highlights of what we've accomplished:

Introducing John Park as our Advisor

To execute our vision of hackathons leading to real-world jobs, we've enlisted the support of John Park, the founder of Trinity Lab and the highly successful Glitch Korea hackathon conferences. John will play a crucial role in helping us develop our network in Asia, as well as establish access to regional and local developer conferences for our clients.

Partnership with ASVA Labs

As a builder community, it's essential for us to spread awareness about Parso and how people can join our vision. We're excited to announce our partnership with ASVA Labs, a leader in community development. ASVA will assist us in successfully going to market with PAR, our development programs, builder initiatives, and tokenized creator economy.

Integration of ICP with Dfinity

We have partnered with Dfinity to integrate ICP as a decentralized compute and storage option for ecosystem builders. Our goal is to pursue this integration under a grant with their team, and we will engage in cross-marketing efforts. This collaboration, combined with our Coreledger infrastructure partnership, completes the MVP partnerships necessary to begin development from day one.

Theodore Agranat joins as Advisor

We're delighted to welcome Theodore Agranat from Alpha Crypto Capital as our advisor. With his extensive experience in the web3 space, Theodore will serve as a mentor to the Parso team throughout our journey. His guidance has been instrumental in the progress of many large successful web3 projects, and we're honored to have him onboard.

Go-To-Market Strategy Released

In development news, we are releasing our Go-To-Market Strategy, which you can find at this link: This strategy answers the important question raised by our investors regarding how we plan to take Parso to market and whether we have clients ready. We believe this comprehensive strategy, which we refer to as "seeding the creator economy with real-world jobs," will definitively address those concerns. We welcome your feedback on this innovative approach.

Utilizing our new go to market strategy, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Sustainable Trade & Consulting (STC), our first creator economy partner. Together with STC, we will work on creating a logistics/EU regtech tracking process for palm oil-based biofuels in Southeast Asia. STC is currently in grant review with Temasek, Singapore's government impact fund, for the technology modernization of its logistics network. This partnership aligns perfectly with our ideal go-to-market strategy, as we offer a cost-effective data modeling solution that can be outsourced. By partnering with local universities and receiving government support, STC provides the ideal conditions for our partnership. We have kicked off the project planning phase in collaboration with the Parso, STC, and Coreledger teams this month, aligning it with Parso's product development roadmap.

Stay tuned for more next month as there is much more to come!

Best Regards,

bruno kocher parso ceo

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