Monthly Recap: Parso's New Partnerships and Expanding Horizons

September 7, 2023

It was an eventful August at Parso. This month we started delving into our product roadmap as well as building out our user journey alongside our newly onboarded advisors. As we have the steps we need to take to develop our product in place, we now need to ensure multiple layers of depth in each of our verticals. 

Builder and Developer Engagement

For example: who will be our builders and developers and how do we gain and retain them? To explore this, this month we entered into a relationship with Alpha Growth, are exploring entering the Nasscom yearly developer hackathon (70,000 participants across India), and have begun developing relationships with grant organizations that partner with university students on projects with the aim to use Parso as a gateway platform for their projects.

Enterprise Initiatives: The Power of Digital Twins

On the enterprise level we are working with Hitachi on a pilot project (due December) to take to a large auditing organization to propose for use in their combined processes. In a nutshell, if a large audit firm can see an incident via a digital twin, there are great cost savings to be found across many industries.

Advancements with Dfinity

We have entered into the prototyping stage of our relationship with Dfinity. We are in the later stages of cementing a grant to integrate Parso and Coreledger’s TEOS Platform into ICP’s tech stack. Once this is complete users will be able to mint their data models to ICP’s decentralized compute solution to run in the UI and display in the marketplace.

New Partnerships and MOUs: Expanding Our Network

Collaboration and building meaningful partnerships are central to Parso's ethos. This month, we've taken another significant step in that direction by entering into Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with various organizations. Each one brings a unique strength and vision that aligns with our mission:

  • The Climate Resilience Fund who provides small grants to data builders; 
  • IExec who provides data oracle services as well as builds; 
  • Abante Productions who creates indie interactive films; 
  • Alpha Growth who we will work with to network with other protocols in the space that need data interoperability solutions. We will be meeting with IoTeX through them in the coming weeks.

If you're just catching up with our journey, make sure you delve into some of our most recent updates and essential reads:

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Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for being a part of our journey!

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