August 2023 Update - Parso's Exciting Progress and New Partnerships: Pushing Boundaries

August 8, 2023

We're excited to bring you the latest advancements and collaborations at Parso. With every step, we're pushing the boundaries of data modeling, forging new partnerships, and solidifying our place in the rapidly evolving web3 and web4 space. 

Welcoming New Expertise: Meet Our New Advisors

Introducing Blockchain Advisor Amit Joshi

We are excited that Amit Joshi has decided to join the team as our blockchain advisor. His deep understanding of web3 technology will give us what we need to assess potential partnership opportunities and collaborations.

Welcome to Advisor William Eden

Essential to our university and wider blockchain community outreach is a top-level advisor in the space. We have found him in William Eden from Tokenova, enabling us to expand our network and exposure at all levels.

Building Together: Exciting Collaborations and Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration with Shemaroo

Shemaroo, a listed Indian Bollywood company, is partnering with us to offer data interoperability to their metaverse initiative. Together we will reach out to major Indian companies and universities to build in our collaborative creator economy.

Exploring Synergies with Prasaga

We have signed an MOU with Prasaga to explore synergies between both firms. A multichain approach offers natural advantages for our builders.

Partnership with Qualoo

Qualoo allows users to provide their data as a service. This is a fantastic example of data that needs a decentralized builder environment to capture value.

Grassroots Connections with Universities

Parso is reaching out to various communities such as Franklin DAO from the University of Pennsylvania to bring real-world job opportunities directly to students in the web3 space and beyond.

Europe’s Web4 Initiative

In an ambitious step forward, Europe has unveiled its latest Web4 initiative, aiming to propel the continent to the forefront of the next digital frontier. This move signals Europe's dedication to harnessing the potential of decentralized web technologies and spatial web paradigms. It's a clear nod to the rapidly evolving digital landscape and the continent's intent to be a major player in shaping the future of the internet.

At Parso, our vision has always been aligned with this transformative direction. The similarities between our objectives and the EU Commission’s strategy are striking, emphasizing our shared commitment to creating a more decentralized and accessible digital world. We're excited by the validation this global movement brings and are committed to playing a pivotal role in this evolution.

To delve deeper into how Parso’s approach aligns with the EU Commission's Web 4 strategy, read our full discussion on the topic here.

Stay tuned for more next month as there is much more to come!

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